Confused Which Carbon Offset Service to Use? EDF Lists Eleven They Trust

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The issue of carbon offsets is a contentious one: Some people panning them as doing little good or being distracting from the true environmental consequences of our lifestyle choices; other people praise them for providing a method to make a positive difference in the fight against global warming. If you're in the latter camp there still remains the problem of determining which offset service to use. If that's the question that's been bugging you, Environmental Defense Fund has the answer:One-Stop Source for Offsetting Your Personal Carbon Emissions

Launched today, offers a compilation of 11 "pre-screened, independently verified offset projects that meet Environmental Defense Fund's criteria" that makes sure these carbon offset projects are up to snuff. So what are these criteria?

EDF Carbon Offset Fund Criteria
Here are some of EDF's criteria:
1) Emission reductions are achieved with sound methodologies and practices.
2) All emission reduction claims are verified and verifiable by a third party.
3) All emission reductions are permanent.
4) The carbon offset was generated in a way that produced net positive environmental and community impacts.
5) Offsets are serialized and tracked so that they cannot be sold twice.

You can view the complete carbon offset criteria list with fuller descriptions on the Carbon Offset List website.

If you're confused about where to go to compensate for you carbon-spewing lifestyle—and pretty much every one of us could use to do that a bit more—you can rest assured that anyone of the 11 projects EDF has selected is the real deal.

:: Environmental Defense Fund (press release)

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