Concert Performed By Stupid Orchestra of Old Appliances

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Designer Dieter Rams said "Question everything generally thought to be obvious." He is probably thrilled to see what composer and conductor Michael Petermann has done with a whole collection of his designs, now in starring roles as members of the Blödes Orchester, which translates as the Stupid Orchestra. Kyana Gordon at PSFK calls it "the ultimate intersection of design, technology, and the arts."

Blödes Orchester from white tube on Vimeo.

All the appliances have been organized to sit as an orchestra, as it builds to a dramatic crescendo in this excerpt from the thirty minute performance. According to the MUSEUM FÜR KUNST UND GEWERBE HAMBURG website,

Initially the historic appliances impress through their simple functionality or their pompous design. Then the beloved gadgets offer their hidden capacities: The blow dryer organ produces preppy harmonies and humming razors whip up furious rhythms. Later accords by ventilators and wind machines cool the appliances and the mood.

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