Conan O'Brien's Ron Paul Ad Parody Calls for the Destruction of All Government (Video)

ron paul ad parodyYouTube/Screen capture

So, Ron Paul has released an unintentionally hilarious campaign ad in which he basically calls for the destruction of half of the government. It features rabid Rottweilers, heavy metal guitar licks, a monster truck voiceover guy, and exploding graphics (all of which serve to make Paul's feeble warble of a voice seem infinitely more so). Just watch:

But if you think that's funny, just check out Conan O'Brien's parody, which is effing hilarious (hat tip to Grist's Chris Mims):

At its core, this is really a send up of the uber-conservative ethos that's been in vogue of late altogether: No Department of Education! Of Energy! No EPA! No way! No rules!

It's funny to see this juvenile political philosophy get called out for what it is, and taken to its satirical conclusion ...

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