Conan O'Brien Commutes via Carpool and Fights LA Traffic With Road Rage (Video)


Image via video screenshot.

There are lots of great reasons to carpool to work. It saves gas money, reduces carbon emissions, and fights traffic by putting fewer cars on the road. It even decreases stress levels. And using late night talk show hosts as a gauge of how Americans are commuting to work, it looks like it's catching on. Conan O'Brien, host of the eponymous show on TBS, gave carpooling a shot recently, with some pretty funny results.

As to why he decided to share the ride to work with three of his staffers, Conan cited sky-high gas prices and a desire to get to know his co-workers a little better. And while the carpooling is clearly a gag for the sake of comedy (successful, in my opinion), these are good reasons to give it a shot.

And if the fun Conan and company have while carpooling isn't enough to get you to share a ride to work, maybe the scenes of him trying to merge onto the highway and fighting Los Angeles traffic will do the trick. Maybe for the next skit, Conan will bike to work- with even funnier, and greener, results.

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