Composting with Worms in Martha Stewart Living


We already know that vermiculture (composting with worms) can help dispose of and "reuse" your garbage and fight climate change; this month, Martha Stewart is helping show that it can be part of anyone's gardening regiment. The domestic diva helps dispel the rumors that composting and vermiculture smells bad, offers a handy troubleshooting chart and shows us how to do it ourselves with an under-the-counter compost bin (with pictures). It's a good place to start for anyone who hasn't previously considered composting as a viable way to manufacture gardening nutrients (and cut back on organic garbage), and lists a handful of books and online resources for further worm-related enrichment. Not available online, unfortunately, the article appears in the print version of March's Martha Stewart Living; we'll have to chat her up about it the next time TreeHugger stops in to see her. ::Martha Stewart Living via ::Apartment Therapy