Community Solutions to Coming Challenges: Peak Moment TV


Last week we reported here on the efforts of a small town in South West England to design for a prosperous future after peak oil. The week before we looked here at a small village whose residents were intent on tackling their collective ecological footprint. It seems that more and more communities are getting together to take on the looming challenges of climate change and energy descent. But what about those who are just starting out on this road? Where can concerned individuals go to learn from those projects that are already out there? A new public-access media project is seeking to answer this very question.Peak Moment is a public-access television show that focuses on grass-roots, community minded solutions to the environmental and social challenges ahead of us. Many of the shows are also available online via Real Player, and some are also accessible, and work very well, as MP3 audio files. Some shows are now also available via YouTube here. The weekly half-hour programme features host Janaia Donaldson's conversations with guests about a broad range of topics including local food production, renewable energy, transportation alternatives, sustainability, economic localization, and personal responses to the changes ahead. The central recurring theme of the project is to look at how we can "thrive, build stronger communities, and help one another in this time of transition."

Personal highlights for me include a lively conversation as with author Guy Dauncey on his book "101 Solutions to Global Climate Change" (audio-file here, Real Player here, and Flash here). Another highlight is and an insightful look at Cuba's response to peak oil with Community Solution's Megan Quinn (Audio file here, Real Player here, and Flash here). Another item just up on YouTube is an interview with Michael Ruppert of From the Wilderness here. The show also features members of various communities, such as the California town of Willits, who are actively engaged in preparing for a less energy-intensive future.

Peak Moment is an initiative of California-based APPLE — Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy.

[Written by: Sami Grover]