Comments on Comments

Comments are strange and wonderful things; they are expressions of our freedom of speech and an integral part of the charm of blogs. Commenters catch our mistakes and expand the content of the posts. Since few of us have time to read all of them, we are going to start a weekly review of the most interesting comments, threads and discussions.

Favourite comment of the week:
Seeing the picture in Kara's post on Portovert Magazine, "I swear, for a while I was trying really hard to figure out why there was a picture of a bride committing suicide." by Mike Ogilvie. In the end, jessilikewhoa figured it out.

Most interesting thread of the week:


Everyone was having such a good time at Greendrinks and then Provocateur Willy Bio started it off with " Wondrous! The ecco-chic scene is simply marvelous. What joy to be a part of such an earth changing group...NOT.The world is I hear fiddling?" and later "Absurd ecco-chic distractions are almost criminal."

This goes to the heart of TreeHugger- one can't do everything alone, one can't just give up, changing the way we live does not have to be miserable. We don't have to dress in burlap sacks and eat brown rice for the rest of our lives, but we can look good, eat good food that isn't evil, and meet people who share the same views. The discussion almost descended into a flame war but didn't quite. Read all of ::Celine's post here.

UPDATE: Read what Warren wrote on the subject a year and a half ago here.

Anyone else have any comments on comments?