Comics Help Smart Kids (& Adults) Build Toys From Found Objects (Slideshow)

howtoons pinwheel wind power sml image
How to make a pinwheel from a few simple household items. Image by "Howtoons."

The makers of "Howtoons" aren't the only people to be concerned about how much time today's kids spend online and in front of the TV, and how little they spend running around, getting their hands dirty, and making their own fun. But they might be the only ones to tackle the issue by creating lavishly illustrated comic-strip-style "how-to books for smart kids out to make trouble," as Wired magazine described the work of the crew, which has collaborated with MIT, Make, and Instructables.

Published in a graphic-novel-format book and online, one-page Howtoons show kids -- and the young at heart -- how to make their own bottle rockets, marshmallow shooters, toy submarines, and more, often using recycled materials, and subtly teaching a good bit of science along the way.

Comics Help Smart Kids (& Adults) Build Toys From Found Objects (Slideshow)
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