Comic-Con: Jimmy Fallon's Eco-Superhero

jimmy fallon the recharger photo

Jimmy Fallon as his environmental alter-ego, The Recharger. Photo from NBC/Universal
Late Night talker, Jimmy Fallon, headed to the Comic-Con extravaganza in San Diego this past weekend and survived to share his adventure. Taking the name "Comic-Con" literally, the comic attempted to con Marvel Comics' founder Stan Lee, Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau, actor Don Cheadle, and a host of other Hollywood luminaries on hand with his idea for an environmentally-minded action hero.

Fallon joined the droves of fans at the dazzling comic book convention and hit up a string of showbiz hotshots who were hawking their own superhero movies and supernatural TV shows. Not green to greening efforts (as mentioned here previously about his eco-set at NBC studios), check out Fallon's pitch for a sustainable character, "The Recharger," whose solarized costume comes to the rescue of needy folks losing cell phone power.

The legendary Lee acted impressed with Fallon's "twisted, gnarled, mixed-up mind," while DC Comics' writers and Michael Emerson of Lost were flabbergasted.

It seems the only thing green about Comic-Con was probably the Green Hornet presentation and Zombie Walk costumes. Where was Captain Planet when you need him?

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