Comedy Central wants you to "Address the Mess"


"Kooky," "silly," "wacky" and "fun" are words that rarely find their way into the 'environmental discourse' (snore ) but Comedy Central is banking on changing that with their newly launched "Address the Mess" campaign. The campaign includes freshly published, a site incorporating eco-themed tidbits from everyone's favorite "don't hate me because I'm beautiful, intelligent and utterly absurd" talk show host Stephen Colbert to clips from the raunch-meisters on South Park. also borrows (ahem!) some TreeHugger snark to offer tips on addressing the mess in your own home and sticks to topics that should have traction with an environmentally "green" audience (recycling electronics, eco-driving and at-home conservation). The folks at CC are planning to address environmental issues across viewing platforms including the live stand up tours. Sounding pretty groovey, eh? but wait! I haven't even gotten to the best part — their first carbon neutral production is (drum roll please ) "Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav!" Via:: Hollywood Reporter

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