Comedians Joke About Energy Saving

Green celebrities we have by the armload, but green comedians are thin on the ground. So put your hands together and welcome Marcus Brigstocke, an English stand-up who has slowly renovated his house and has quite a few things to say about the experience.

Welcoming viewers into his eco-pad, he offers some energy saving tips ( have lots of light switches) and his favourite water saving device: the humble plug. It's all part of a campaign put on by the Energy Saving Trust to try and raise awareness about climate change.

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Brigstocke also has a compost heap, and a bicycle, with a sound system--a bell. He is an environmentalist; he was even part of one of the Cape Farewell journeys to the Arctic.

As he says; "Climate change can be a difficult subject for comedy, but like anything else it can be made funny and in the face of too much earnestness it's important that it is. There's a lot of apathy around personal responsibility; we need to talk about climate change but not for too long, the important thing is to take action and the easiest and best place to start is in the home."

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that offers good and handy advice about fighting climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the home.

In their view, the four most important DIY jobs that you can do in your home to save money and heat are:
--Top-up existing loft insulation
--Put jacket on hot-water heater
--Draught proof doors & windows
--Insulate or 'lag' hot water pipes. Via : Energy Saving Trust
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