Come to the Greener by Design Conference


Attention green business gurus, product development pros, supply chain experts and product designers and engineers: the Greener by Design conference is coming to Alexandria, VA (just across the river from Washington, D.C.). On June 12 & 13, the conference will combine opportunities to network with companies of all sizes and sectors who are integrating environmental thinking into their operations with a chance to share thoughts with leading thinkers on the greening of mainstream products and the ability to walk away with a new outlook on green product development.

TreeHugger is happy to be a media sponsor, and we'll be there, learning about the latest in green product design and picking the brains of some of the smartest, most interesting individuals in green business. One of the things we're looking forward to most on the program is what they're calling Green Gurus @ Play; speakers and panelists from the program will hold roundtable discussions with a small number of participants, essentially answering one-on-one questions in a small group setting.

Keep reading to learn who'll be there and who should come to the conference. ::Greener by DesignWho Will be at Greener by Design?
Aside from TreeHugger, some big names from some big-time companies will be attending. Joel Makower of fame, will be moderating many of the panels, which will feature speakers from Nike's Considered program, Clorox's Green Works cleaners and a head honcho from Wal-Mart's sustainability team. Essentially, lots of smart people from big companies at various levels on the relative "green ladder," working to climb higher.

Who Should Come to Greener by Design?
Though many of the speakers and green gurus are from very large companies, the conference is suitable for both small and large companies looking to increase green mindspace in their organization. Brand Managers, Business Strategists, Chief Sustainability Officers, Industrial and Product Designers, Product Engineers, and Supply-chain Managers are just a few of the types of attendees who'll be there. If it sounds good to you, register online and we'll look forward to seeing you there!

This is big-time, high-level stuff with people who have the leverage to really effect positive change. No matter if you're just coming on board with corporate responsibility, or are a seasoned sustainability pro, Greener by Design offers opportunities to learn, share, network and grow. Stay tuned for more coverage of the event, and get all the details at ::Greener by Design

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