Cold Snap Vs Climate Change: The Must-See Video


Photo via Hasty Ruminations

Wintertime can often prove a headache for anyone in the business of trying to find solutions to human-caused climate change. It is, after all, when people step outside and notice that it's cold, and instinctively think "Man, global warming is a crock." Eventually, such sentiments get echoed in the mainstream media, and scientists and climate journalists must step in and explain that just because it's cold out right now doesn't mean climate change isn't happening. Think of it as an annual ritual. This year has been even worse, with Northern Europe and North America seeing record cold temperatures from a negative arctic oscillation. But don't take my word for it--watch this excellent video on why a cold snap doesn't disprove global warming after the jump.The video is from Peter Sinclair's great series that debunks bogus climate denial claims.

There are a slew of good points in there, so I hope you were taking notes. Remember, most often, confusion and denial over climate issues stems from a lack of good information--which allows that instinct to let one's immediate surroundings to unduly influence broader conclusions.

Get more excellent videos from the Climate Denial Crock of the Week series on their YouTube Channel.

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