Code Green TV Show

We've been telling you about various US celebrities with eco-TV plans (Cameron Diaz, Angela Lindvall, Danny Seo) for a couple of weeks, but everything's looking pretty preliminary. Not so for Canadian producers Ric Beairsto and Daniel Leipnik, who start filming Code Green this month. The two-part program brings an environmental slant to the home makeover show craze. The format is more competitive......than Changing Rooms or Trading Spaces, with four sets of homeowners vying to make their home the most energy efficient. Each gets $15,000 (Canadian) to spend on retrofitting their houses, leading up to a final energy consumption measurement. The house with the most energy use reduction wins a hybrid car so they can take their enviro-awareness on the road, too. Look for it in spring 2005 on CBC. Via ::CodeGreen [by KK]