Coal Fired Electricity Loses Its Toe-Hold In Tahoe


This tale of green change may seem just a piggy-toe wiggle forward in the national scheme of things; but, we see this small local utility's contracting choice as a praiseworthy response to the coming climate trashing that will be caused by hundreds of new, cheap-and-dirty coal fired power plants. [See important background post by Jeff here.] As covered in the Contra Costa Times : - "A small utility near Lake Tahoe's north shore thought it had the answer to providing long-term affordable energy -- coal. But, after an outpouring of public criticism and political pressure, the Truckee Donner Public Utility District voted to reject a 50-year contract to obtain energy from a planned coal plant in Utah Utilities have found themselves squeezed between competing forces -- the desire to provide inexpensive power to their customers and California's political shift to cut the emissions that contribute to global warming".What sensible person would want to sacrifice, for their grandchildren, a chance to behold such loveliness as Donner Lake in winter, given a reasonable choice? Apparently other California cities, including Pasadena and Anaheim, acted similarly last month, and "decided instead to pursue power from wind farms, solar and other alternative sources."

For sensible people, it is having the choice that most matters. That, and a bit of bravery inspired by local beauty.

Image credit:- Donner Lake by Tarol.

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