CNN: We Were Warned - Tomorrow's Oil Crisis

CNN will air on March 18th (today) and 19th, at 8 p.m. & 11 p.m. Eastern Time, a program on peak oil titled We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis. If you want to watch on CNN International, you can find the time of airing in different parts of the world here. It will be interesting to watch as the peak oil concept (primer) becomes more mainstream if policy makers start to feel more pressure for action. The most probable scenario is that it will take a big jump in oil prices to force action, but it certainly would be better if we started to get ready before that happened, or at least if people understood that this is a permanent thing and not just a problem that can be fixed after the hurricanes are gone or by building more refineries. ::CNN Presents: We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis, via ::The Oil Drum. See also: ::Peak Oil is Probably Now, ::Peak Oil Report: Half of Kuwait Oil Reserves Disappear, ::Norwegian Peak Oil?, ::Canadian Oil: At What Price?, ::Peak Natural Gas, ::Canadian Oil Production: Making People Sick?