Closing the Loop: Sustainable Design Competition


Here's one just for Canucks, and international students at universities in Canada. If you know much about stuff like life cycle analysis, affordability, resource efficiency; recycle-ability and design for disassembly, in relation to the built environment you could be in with a chance. And should energy efficiency be your speciality, then even better, 'coz there is a special award for that one. The two main categories are however Element, say a chair or lamp and System, like waste water treatment. Designs for buildings per se are not invited. "The goal of the competition is to eliminate the concept of "waste" that exists in our current linear system of production and building; to conserve the resources of energy, water and materials; and to create change in the built environment .... ." And why is this important? Maybe because construction consumes 40% of materials produced, and accounts for 40% of our waste stream. Do your bit to reduce this, and you could win $2,000 CAD, depending on the category you enter, but to do so you'll need to get your act together, because entries close 31 May 2006. All the entry bumph can be had at ::Closing the Loop, via Dexigner.