Clive Hamilton's 'Growth Fetish'

An often uncomfortable book to read. Yet equally empowering. In the following excerpt, four quotes have been culled to create a single paragraph. Hopefully you'll get a hint of the revolution that Clive is fermenting."Economic growth does not create happiness: unhappiness sustains economic growth. Thus discontent must be continually fomented if modern consumer capitalism is to survive. This explains the indispensable role of the advertising industry. Advertising promises things to make people happy, so it works only as long as people are unhappy. By persuading people to buy more and more, advertising promotes continued degradation of the environment. The greatest danger to consumer capitalism is the possibility that people in wealthy countries will decide that they have more or less everything they need. For each individual this is a small realisation, but it has momentous social implications." Available in hardcopy from the usual suspects, or as a paper free, pixel rich e-book. The first three chapters are even a free download. ::GrowthFetish [by WM]