Climate Pics Give New Meaning to Urban Jungle


The British artist and photographer Jason Elliott has been weaving digital magic into his local landscape of West Yorkshire in a series of images called Hebden Bridge 2032, which is currently being exhibited at the Alternative Technology Centre in Yorkshire. Elliott has envisioned a rather tropical future for the residents of this small town in Northern England, which contrasts dramatically with its traditionally grey, rainy and windswept climate.The artist says, "I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Climate Change is happening, but to get the message across in a more light-hearted way than we are used to. It's an extremely serious issue, particularly in areas like ours that can be prone to flooding, but it's good to engage people in a way that doesn't make them feel they are being preached to." You can see more of Elliott's creations at Climate Pics.

Jason Elliott also runs Ethical Jobs and its related blog Ethical Heroes.

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