Climate Matters Video Contest Winners Announced

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Maggie Gyllenhaal and other illustrious judges have spoken

The winners of a user-generated video contest meant to inspire our next President to take bold action on climate change were announced this morning -- and inspiring they are. Displaying a high level of craft and imagination, key ingredients in the pursuit of socially effective and emotionally affecting creations, the winning videos are not only impressive, they are stirring. Each entry strikes a pitch-perfect note of balance between the leveraging of fear as catalyst to action, and gentle mnemonic for that which we fight to preserve. The winning submissions will be distributed to all presidential nominees and each member of Congress. Additionally, the videos will be broadcast to a potential audience of more than 50 million viewers around the nation and online. The top four winning entries (there was a tie for third place) take on the issue of climate change in a variety of ways. First and second place entries look at the problem through the eyes of children, while the third place entries employ stop-motion photography and animation to tell different stories. And the winner is...:: First Place :: Climate Matters by Steve Dempsey of Sammamish, WA

View all the winners and get full info here.

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The contest was conceived of and sponsored by Brighter Planet and 1Sky, in partnership with which hosted the contest on its web platform. Organizers are now asking people across the county to take a stand on the climate change issue by promoting the videos -- and the message about climate change -- online and in local communities. The videos are set up so that anyone can easily embed them on their own blogs, homepages or social networks. In addition to extending the impact online, people are encouraged to take action in their own communities by sharing the videos with local leaders. Additional ideas for taking action can be found at and

The winning videos will be showcased at the Green Expo in San Francisco next month. And finally, the first-place winner will receive a $3,000 Brighter Planet™ Visa® Gift Card; the second and third place winners will receive $1,000 and $250 Brighter Planet Visa Gift Cards respectively.



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