Climate Change? This Looks Like a Job for Captain Ozone, Environmental Hero

Photo courtesy of Captain Ozone
Calling Captain Ozone
Perhaps what the modern environmental movement needs is more masked, spandex clad superheroes who make public appearances perched atop latrines lashed to the roofs of cars. Or who chop through Petrol signs with hemp oil powered chainsaws. These are merely a couple of the (semi) heroic deeds done by the enigma of environmental activism that is Captain Ozone.Captain Ozone, sort of a real life Greenzo from TV’s 30 Rock, has clued us into his exploits—which range from starring in PSA’s, making appearances at grade schools and hemp oil festivals, and creating campy, quasi-documentaries on environmentalism. He’s also evidently been busy commenting on TreeHugger posts as well.

Captain Ozone has a website with a comprehensive selection of the environmental hero’s materials, and a Captain Ozone MySpace page to boot. There’s also a slideshow at Change Agents that features a detailed chronology of his activities.

Captain Ozone to the Rescue (of Renewable Energy)
His focus has apparently now shifted to renewable energy—and he wants to organize a public march for the cause. So if you’re interested in joining a march for renewable energy with a caped, environmentally conscious crusader, contact him via his MySpace page or website.

Is Captain Ozone a caped goofball and potential subject of ridicule for anti-environmentalists? Or a genuine do-gooder with the power to turn kids on to pro-environment activism? Only you—and time—can tell.

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