Climate Change Skeptics Offer YouTube Barrage

While the scientific evidence continues to mount on climate change, and former allies defect, the climate change skeptic crowd is as assertive as ever. On Saturday, a person or group calling itself Internet Skeptic uploaded fourteen videos to YouTube of a college professor (who is unnamed) lecturing students on the skeptics' case against global warming. It's very interesting (and a little disturbing) to watch Professor X lecture students on the standard criticisms of global warming science, and to also openly push a libertarian line of thought (note: as a former college professor, I found this last element of the lectures very disturbing). Fortunately, there's very little in these lectures that can't be answered by perusing Grist's new "How to Talk to a Global Warming Skeptic" feature, or the index at RealClimate. ::Global Warming Myths videos via linton at Hugg
UPDATE: After a little more digging, I did come across what appears to be the event announcement for the gathering shown in these videos. If I've got the right information, these lectures were given at an event for the Libertarian Studies Organization at Ohio State University. If this is correct, then my characterization of the setting in these videos was wrong.