Climate Change Hits Home: Snowboarders and Skiers Mourn Loss of Winter (Video)

generations film about climate change photo

Image credit: Teton Gravity Research

With all the talk of hurricane modeling, complicated climate science, not to mention evil socialist conspiracy theories, it can sometimes be hard to remember that climate change will have a very real, very measurable impact on all of our lives. So it's important to bring it back home for all of us. Now a new short movie from a film house dedicated to action sport filmmaking takes a look at what climate change means for one huge community - snow lovers.

Sponsored by North Face, Generations: A Skiers' and Snowboarders' Perspective on Climate Change does exactly what the title suggests—it offers a moving perspective from people who genuinely love their snow, and who are watching it quite literally disappear.

Of course we must be careful about anecdotal evidence—and statements like "47 ski resorts in the Alps did not open in 2006 due to climate change" are exactly the kind of thing that skeptics love to harp on as sensationalism. From Katrina to loss of snow to record breaking summers, it's almost impossible to tie any one weather event or trend to climate change, so we are better off not trying. But what we can see is a global trend toward a warmer climate and reduced snowfall. And that spells trouble for the skiers. (And the rest of humanity.)

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