Climate Change Concert Event to "Dwarf Live 8"


Early this morning, the UK's Financial Times reported that a major concert event aimed at bringing even more attention to the issue of climate change is in the works. The FT reports that former Vice President Al Gore will announce the event tomorrow in London. The early word on the show:

The event, scheduled for July 7, will feature co-ordinated film, music and television events in seven cities including London, Washington DC, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Kyoto, with major broadcasters and media owners aiming to extend the reach of public awareness of global warming. ...

They are promising a line-up of artists to "dwarf" that of the Live8 and Live Aid concerts, thought to be branded under the name "SOS".

One person close to the event said yesterday: "The talent involved is just exponentially bigger because the issue itself is bigger.

"Live Aid was about asking people to stump up money, this is about effecting systemic change.

As we've followed the music world's efforts to address the climate crisis, we'll be watching closely for this announcement. A few of us are old enough to remember the original Live Aid concerts, and are excited that the entertainment community will once again be gathering to address an issue of global significance... ::Financial Times via Climate Change Action

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