Climate Change a Bunch of Hooey . . . and Other Google Search Results

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You can learn a lot from Google searches. When you search with Firefox, Google displays the most searched queries starting with the terms you've entered so far. For instance: there are at least 5,970 results for people wondering whether climate change is "a bunch of hooey." I guess there are old prospectors from the '49 gold rush who can work a computer after all. Of course, we're all too familiar with those other results too--climate change is a hoax, a scam, a lie, and so on. It would've been nice to see at least one straight up positive result (I guess "Wisconsin activity guide" has gotta count for something). Anyhow, this peculiar search inspired me to find out what I could dig up doing various searches for green topics--and what I discovered ranges from hilarious to depressing.

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No matter how much good work the man does, Al Gore is always going to have his detractors. Millions of them, apparently. Here, we find the search entry "Al Gore is" completed with the run of the mill anti-Gore sentiments and name-calling. He's wrong, he's an idiot, he's a hypocrite, he's--a wintertime fixture in Fairbanks? Well. So, that's one reference to an Al Gore ice sculpture and nine insults. Don't listen to those trolls, Al. Keep up the good work.

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Another less-than-encouraging return here. But at least "Global warming is real" beats out "global warming is not real" by a solid 7 mil. Putting it right on par with . . . "global warming is natural." Damn.

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Thought I should include this one for novelty's sake. I mean, how awesome is that one lone search return for "global warming is to"? It's "global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it," an excerpt from Tony Blair's 2005 speech on climate change. And that's 11,000 people who continue to type the whole thing into the search field too.

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Let's finish it off with good old sustainability. And it looks pretty good: sustainability is back in fashion and sexy, and millions of people are searching for "sustainable issues" in general and in business. And apparently, there's a Sustainability is Sexy calender out there somewhere--pinup girls composting or muscly dudes biking to work, I guess. Of course, there's always got to be the naysayer: 50,000 results for "sustainability is bullshit."

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