Clif Bar's 2-Mile Challenge Hits Davis Farmers Market

clif bar bus front
TreeHugger caught up with the Clif Bar 2-Mile Challenge team in beautiful Davis, CA, this past Saturday to see how the tour has been going (and check out their sweet rides). We found them happily ensconced in the Farmers Market, chatting away with students, shoppers and the legions of bicyclists who make Davis the most bike-friendly city in the country. It didn't hurt that they were giving away free samples of their eponymous energy bars - including several new flavors ("Maple Nut" and "Spicy Pumpkin Pie" being crowd favorites).

We immediately set off to explore what had drawn us here in the first place: the team's 100% biodiesel-powered tour bus. Arranged in a series of compartments, the bus offered up a series of interesting features and resources, all aimed at showing visitors the many benefits of riding a bike.

bicycle info

One exhibit that caught our eyes compared bicycle usage in countries around the world, highlighting the prowess of countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands - both of which boast rich bicycling cultures - and a host of interesting state-specific factoids. Adjacent to the display was a wall covered with flat panels showing videos of bike-related scenes taking place throughout the world - many of which made for great YouTube content.

clif bar info
Those looking for some more text-heavy content could check out a list of different designs and some tips on how to trick out your bike before filling out a challenge card and picking up a few post cards. Also notable was the Google Maps mash-up which allowed you to see what stores/restaurants/etc are located within a 2-mile radius from your home (which you can play with for yourself on their site).

fossil fool

Entertainment for the event was provided courtesy of Fossil Fool, the original "bike rapper" (no, seriously, check out his work here) and The Ginger Ninjas (seen below) - whose lead singer, Kipchoge Spenger, co-founded bike extension maker Xtracycle.

the ginger ninjas

flying carousel
We also couldn't help but notice the "Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze" - a great example of human-powered engineering - which continued to attract a steady stream of interested parents and children as the morning went by. And, really, it's hard to think of a better way of integrating bicycling into a fun attraction that also serves a charitable purpose.

The Davis Farmers Market - with its diverse, tasty selection of fresh, organic fare - provided the ideal setting for the event (though one could argue that the Clif Bar team was mostly preaching to the choir). Hearing a lady in her late 70s gush over the virtues of bicycling (and sporting a tan and attitude that would put most 50 year-olds to shame) almost brought a tear to our eyes.

Be sure to check out the full tour dates here to see if the 2-Mile Challenge swings by your city next - it's well worth the trip.

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