Clif Bar helps Sea Otter Classic go Climate Neutral


Whoops, we missed this one by a couple of weeks. The team at Clif Bar, who we enthused about once or twice before, recently got it together with the Sea Otter Classic. Why? So they could make the 'World's Largest Cycling Festival' climate neutral. Clif Bar chipped in to purchase "enough clean wind energy to offset all of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from participant travel to and from the event." In short, they offset close to 748 tons of carbon dioxide. This was achieved with the assistance of NativeEnergy, who also offset the carbon loading inherent in the making of the movie Syriana. As they did for skiers, Clif Bar also provided Cool Tags for cyclists to offset their own 300 miles of car travel. Organic food bars, bicycles, a public event, wind energy, carbon offsets, for-profit businesses and personal responsibility, with 50-60,000 people all hanging out in the same brain space sounds just a TreeHugger sort of scene. Three Cheers to ::Clif Bar the ::Sea Otter Classic.