Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge: Get On Your Bikes and Ride


Even the most casual TreeHugger reader knows that we're huge fans of transportation by bicycle; the world's most energy efficient vehicle is good for all sorts of things, including things you might not ordinarily consider, like moving and even getting married. So we're happy to see the launch of Clif Bar's 2 Mile Challenge, a new traveling event and program designed to get people on their bikes more frequently (full disclosure: Clif Bar is a TreeHugger advertiser but have not paid for this post or any other TH exposure). The premise: 40% of urban travel in the US is less than 2 miles per trip; why not hop on your bike for some (or all) of those short jaunts about town, and save the atmosphere the hassle of dealing with your carbon emissions -- there's already too much to go around.

The Challenge officially launched yesterday in Las Vegas at Interbike, and will be roving the West Coast over the next six weeks or so (in a tricked-out 100% biodiesel-powered 1959 GMC bus) spreading the word about the many benefits of bicycle riding. You can take the challenge on the bus, get free fuel from Clif Bar, listen to live music and more, and TreeHugger plans to check it out at several of the stops. Hit the jump for more details and the full schedule.


In addition to the tour itself, their site has some fun features to get you in the mood, including a slick Google Maps mash-up to show you how far a two mile radius can get you in your town. Check out the blog for on-the-road details, learn more about the bus and take the challenge to get out from behind the wheel and on your bike. Full schedule (subject to change; check the site for the latest) is below:

October 2: Northern Arizona University
October 3: Arizona State University
October 5: San Diego State University
October 6: Santa Monica Pier
October 9: Santa Clara University
October 13: Davis Farmers Market
October 15: University of Reno, Nevada
October 18: Utah State University
October 19: University of Utah
October 20: REI, Salt Lake City
October 23: University of Idaho
October 24: Gonzaga University
October 26: Washington State University
October 30: University of Washington
November 3: University of Oregon

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