Clean-Tech Summit Brings Together Investors and Eco-Technologies

For those among us who care about the future of civilization and the planet--and have money to invest, the Clean-Tech Investor Summit might be the place to be. In February, people with money and people who know where to put money will get together near Palm Springs, California to talk about the most lucrative and necessary emerging clean technologies. (If you're not convinced, check out this recent MSNBC article on venture capital and solar) The Clean-Tech Investor Summit will address environmental nanotech applications, renewable and distributive energy, water purification, peak oil, climate change, and the most cutting edge technologies in each field. "Savvy investors are realizing the opportunity to capitalize on solutions that serve the needs of industry, government, and society: innovative technologies that compete on price and performance while reducing pollution, waste, and resource use." And for those of us not rolling in dough, it's good to know this is happening and we can still root for our favorite technologies. Clean-Tech Investor Summit
Feb 1-2, 2006
The Lodge at Rancho Mirage
68-900 Frank Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Phone:760-321-8282 :: Clean-Tech Investor Summit