Clean Tech Open Goes National, Offers Bigger Prize


Clean Tech Open participants at 2008 kick off event; Photo via jurvetson

This morning, the Clean Tech Open kicked off it's fourth season. The non-profit is known for getting clean tech entrepreneurs off the ground by giving those with the greatest ideas venture funding. Normally the competition if for California residents, and the purse for each of the top 6 winners was $50,000. This year, the plan is to be even bigger. The Clean Tech Open is no small beans in the first place:

In the last three years, the Clean Tech Open has helped more than one hundred start-ups raise more than $125 million in funding. Today these companies employ approximately 500 people and represent some of the leading players in various key clean tech sectors.

But this year, the plan is to be even bigger. The Clean Tech Open will allow entrants from all over the US, so if you have a seedling taking root for a clean tech company, you just might want to take part. Entrants are invited to compete in six categories: Air/Water/Waste, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Smart Power, and Transportation.

Now as for that bigger purse, all we know is for at least one winner, the prize will be even more than years past. But we won't get details until March 19, 2009, which is the launch event for the competition.

We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more news, and plan to follow who's who in this year's competition.

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