Clean Sweep by Alison Haynes

Did you ever sit back and look around and think, "How did I end up with all of this clutter?" Or more importantly, "How do I get rid of this clutter?" Seems we have numerous times, and yet, it still remains. One of our tipsters, Angelune D. was thinking similar things when she picked up Clean Sweep by Alison Haynes but was quite surprised about its content. Not only is the book "An Ultimate Guide to Decluttering, Detoxing and Destressing Your Home" but it focuses on efficiency and health as well as tips on how to keep a nice home while not ruining the environment. The book is filled with recipes for homemade cleaners and tips for saving energy and reducing waste. It even teaches you how to remove stains from pretty much anything so that you don't have to throw items away. Angelune says that it's a very good resource for anyone looking to rid their home of chemicals, and also for young people living on their own for the first time. Thanks for the tip! ::Clean Sweep at