Clean-Mate Sensor Operating Trash Bin

We know, you are going to say: who needs a battery powered, automatically opening trash bin with smart chip, infra-red detection, and electrical drive system? Well, you don't have a composting toilet, and you are not trying to keep toilet paper out of it. Now all the composting toilet gurus will jump all over us, saying that you can compost the toilet paper in the toilet, but there always seems to be too much and we cannot control our kids. Next, the traditionalists will jump on us because we could get a diaper pail with a foot pedal and not need all this technology. Others will point out that we are now taking our toilet paper waste in a plastic bag to the dump and that is completely counterproductive. You are all correct and we feel terrible about it, but this will lead to better compost and fewer complaints about why we do not have a real toilet. It is also very cool with a touch of Chindogu. Watching cat jump three feet into the air when he went to investigate: Priceless. ::CleanMate by [LA]