Clean Energy Jobs Vote in Conrgress Threatened - Commercial (Video)

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Last week, the Obama administration offshore regulations for energy production were announced and during an Earth Day speech, President Obama held forth on the virtues of renewables (and clean coal?). Well a couple of years back, we told you about the now decade-old MoveOn organization petitioning the congressional vote of solar and wind, bill H.R. 969. Now in the '09, MoveOn has just sent out an email alert that Congress is about to begin voting on the biggest clean energy jobs plan in America to date, however siting two sources, the advocacy org says that it learned last week that a few conservative Democrats on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee are conspiring to weaken it. The group says that the Dem leader is threatening to block the bill from even reaching the House floor unless it's changed to make the coal industry happy—and delay America's switch to a clean energy economy. The video ad above is being run in the districts of three swing Democrats in Virginia, Tennessee, and says:
MoveOn's got a critical role to play in supporting and strengthening the bill—and making sure that conservative Democrats don't side with Big Oil and Coal to kill the bill or weaken it beyond recognition. We've only got one shot at at this thing. If the bill gets watered down now, it'll be really hard to strengthen it later. So we've put together an ad to run in key Democrats' home districts, showing how clean energy can rebuild the American economy one community at a time... This clean energy jobs bill would aggressively scale up American wind and solar production and save us all money by investing in energy-efficiency programs. It's a bold start at moving America to a clean energy economy, and it was written by two of the great progressive champions in Congress, Henry Waxman of California and Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

The first Congressional votes are expected this week so and MoveOn is soliciting contributions in order to run the spot on-air as much as possible in those key districts.

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