Classic Cuban/British Pop Mashup Album Fights Climate Change


Rhythms Del Mundo is a pretty creative concept simply taken from a musical point of view—having top artists like Arctic Monkeys, U2, Franz Ferdinand, and Radiohead rework their songs pumped full of Cuban beats, horns, and claves, courtesy of the Buena Vista Social Club crew. But behind the disc is Artists’ Project Earth, a British non-profit that raises money to fight climate change and provide disaster relief. Some of the record is bound to fall into the realm of the kitsch, but from the sounds of it the effort is well rewarded (I’m particularly partial to Artic Monkeys’ Dancing Shoes). Maybe most precious however is that Rhythms Del Mundo is the proud bearer of Ibrahim Ferrer’s last recording, a luscious Spanish version of As Time Goes By. The late Ferrer’s beautiful voice first reached the ear of the masses in Buena Vista Social Club. Rhythms Del Mundo is APE’s first musical project and is due out November 13th. :: Rhythms Del Mundo & Artists’ Project Earth via Hugg (Linton)