'Ciudad Saludable' Garbage Managing Projects

The increasing levels of poverty and exclusion in Latin American countries have opened spaces for many socially responsible businesses, but most interesting, lots of them regarding ecology and re-utilization of materials.
Let's just take Buenos Aires 'Cartoneros', which have taken in their hands what the city should be doing on its own: the recycling of paper, just because it's profitable for them. Or just look at some of our featured posts on architect Carlos Levinton's projects, and socially aware materials from Cordoba.
Well, today we bring you the very deep and developed Ciudad Saludable (Healthy City) Peruvian projects: a company whose idea is "to contribute to improve the communities life quality through the efficient handling of solid waste, which allows to have cleaner cities and to generate employment".The organization is led by industrial engineer Albina Ruíz Ríos, recently featured in PBS's The New Heroes series, and it functions by coming up with solid waste management systems that generate employment and contribute to better quality of life and cleaner cities. The basic form of project consists on an education phase, where the company teaches locals the importance of separating and categorizing garbage; the implementation of intern organization systems; a period where the city hall collection service is optimized; the establishment of a recycling system to generate a form of organic compost and separate inorganic material (which is sold, and also involving families that already worked with garbage in a random way to generate initiatives with recycled materials); and a last phase where the company makes sure that local authorities are able and motivated to continue with the process.
Other people involved include chemical engineer Gladys Elena Monge Talavera, industrial engineer Oscar Espinoza Loayza, agronomist engineer Roger Díaz Alarcón and psychology licensed José Carlos Rodríguez Sánchez. So far, this people have helped to constitute 13 enviro-micro-enterprises which employ over 150 people in 20 cities and whose work benefits 3 millions of inhabitants. More yet, they've worked out northern Lima's garbage problems, collaborated to formulate a Solid Waste Law for Peru, and successfully taken care of educational environmental campaigns.
They operate in the cities of Callao (Lima), Cajamarca, Carhuaz, Chincha, Huarmey, Lima, Pucallpa and San Marcos. Further and detailed information in English and Spanish is available at their website. Thanks Michele Weingeist for the tip! ::Ciudad Saludable ::PBS's The New Heroes
The unhealthy way in which the people worked.

Locals managing garbage protected.

Houses of the people who worked with garbage before Ciudad Saludable.

New houses for the locals.