CitySol2007 NYC Begins Tonight -- For Free!

Solar One’s Citysol, a clean-energy-powered festival aiming to inspire interest and support for local sustainability initiatives, opens tonight 6 – 11 PM with music (Dragons of Zynth, DJ Mistakes, Brightside) and fourteen installations, which will be available for viewing all weekend. Collaborate art installations, games and workshops, and lots more that’s entertaining and educational. If that’s not enough to entice, the thrilling beauty and simplicity of the reinstated indigenous flora that’s been planted along the east river estuary at Stuyvesant Cove Park is enough to get me to make the ten-block walk any day of the week. All the delicious deets (food by Lucid Food) beneath the fold.


Solar One, located at Stuyvesant Cove Park, located at 23rd Street & East River Manhattan.

Here’s the WHY according to festival organizers:

Sustainability is at bottom a cultural project before it is a technical or political one, and cities – particularly New York City – are centers of constant transformation that reflect, invent and export civilization’s most progressive dreams. We’re beginning to learn that if the American way of life is to ultimately reconcile with Mother Earth, the journey is more likely to begin on a city street. Citysol is at once a celebration of our potential as New Yorkers to redefine our expectations of quality of life, and a tribute to the creative community’s central role in revealing that potential. It is also, of course, an opportunity to have an enormous amount of fun.

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