Citysol: Celebrating Sustainability in the World's Greatest City [Updated]


Update: Due to the weather, CitySol has been rescheduled for next Sunday, July 2nd--same time, same place.

[This is a guest post by Chris Neidl] To point out that the environmental imagination has gained a decidedly more urban muse in recent years is hardly a novel observation these days. America’s cities – and not just the usual Pacific suspects like Portland and San Francisco – have increasingly begun to embrace the mantle of sustainability as a guiding developmental priority, and in the process, have rapidly changed the identity of environmentalism itself. New York City, America’s largest and all around most excellent place (yes, the author lives in Brooklyn) is not idly standing by on the margins of this historic trend. Fully roused from its East Coast dormancy, the Big Apple is poised to become a creative leader within the sustainable cities movement (C’mon! we’ve been doing ‘New’ Urbanism since Peter Stuyvesant was in short pants).


But wouldn’t it be great to have a monthly outdoor party that gave fresh expression to NYC’s own diverse and entrepreneurial brand of environmentalism? Where seasoned greens and total newcomers could cavort together over a beer? Like with solar- powered live music that included a lineup of local rock, electronic and hip hop talent? Where one could take in exhibits of important green policies that every New Yorker should know about? Purchase a bag made of recycled billboards, learn about how to get active locally, turn in an old air conditioner for recycling, sign up for wind power and get free drinks?

Beginning in June exactly such an event will debut in Manhattan’s East River-side park of Stuyvesant Cove (map: Produced by a handful of environmental and cultural organizations, including Solar One, O2nyc, Interrupcion*, Flavorpill, Mack Industries and MAG, the three-event series will occur once monthly on June 25th, July 23rd and August 13th, between noon and sundown.


The June 25th opener will feature the music of Aa (Big A Little a), Japanther,
The Occasion, Parts & Labor, Tomorrow's Friend, The Wowz, and various DJs. (Lineups for subsequent events can be viewed at At 4pm, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will address the crowd.

For each Citysol, guests can come with a recent electricity bill and sign up with ConEdison Solutions to get wind power for their apartments. Those who sign up can drink t free Brooklyn Brewery Beer throughout the day. Citysol will also host the city’s only green product marketplace, which will offer products as diverse as apparel made with reused materials to worm composting bins. Market space is still available for all three events. Interested vendors can visit to download an application and apply.

The series will also debut a series of abstract outdoor exhibits designed by Situ Studios of Brooklyn. Subjects will include congestion pricing, green roofs, renewable energy, hybrid taxis and more. Each exhibit will be accompanied by an expert docent from a local enviromental organization.

Anyone interested in finding out more about attending, volunteering for, or reporting on Citysol can contact Solar One Outreach Coordinator Chris Neidl for details: (212) 505-6050,

[This has been a guest post by Chris Neidl. Check out]

Citysol: Celebrating Sustainability in the World's Greatest City [Updated]
[This is a guest post by Chris Neidl] To point out that the environmental imagination has gained a decidedly more urban muse in recent years is

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