Cindy Crawford is Our New "Eco-Everywoman"


Photos courtesy of: Ecorazzi

Recently on Vanity Fair's blog "VF Daily", we learned that they've added a new member to their Green Beat team - Cindy Crawford. Although she's known as a super-model icon, she'll actually be writing about a lifestyle change she's made or, an "eco-awakening" as she calls it. While she admits to being no Al Gore, Crawford credits her children for her environmental interests and initiatives, which she'll be sharing with her readers. In her first post, she writes about the small changes she's made, like unplugging appliances, switching to recycled paper towels and napkins, and drinking tap water. And speaking of water, Crawford also announced that she's working with PUR (as in, the water filtration company) in designing her own reusable aluminum bottle to encourage others to cut back on plastic waste.Called "Thirsty for Change," the program will officially launch next month with the release of the water bottle. Proceeds from every bottle purchased will go towards the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program, which helps provide clean drinking water to impoverished children around the world.

You can follow Crawford's campaign, stay up-to-date with the website and campaign launch, and read about the green discoveries she makes each week on Vanity Fair's blog. ::VF Daily