Christmas Charity: SPNI


SPNI activists in central Tel Aviv. The banners reads "If only City Hall would say yes! a light rail would run here within 5 years."

Merry Christmas from Israel! Here, of course, there is no snow, the sun is shining, and Hannuka has already come and gone. There are, however, plenty of people doing good work for for the environment and social change, and they could always use the support of like-minded people around the globe.

For those of us treehuggers who live in this country, there is one non-profit organization which is synonymous with caring for Mother Earth: the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). This veteran organization has been on the forefront of environmental protection for decades, long before it became fashionable around here. In the past decade, the SPNI has opened several urban branches in Israel's major cities, charged with fighting for clean air and water, more parks for children and sustainable urban planning policies. Here is an excellent article about the Jerusalem and Haifa offices of SPNI.

Tel Aviv is Israel's major metropolis, where almost half of the country's population lives. As the country's cultural and economic center, growth here has been intense. SPNI's Tel Aviv Center for Environmental Action is the leader of the many green organizations in the city fighting for sustainability and environmental justice. Check out some of their recent activities here and here.

If your mind is on the Holy Land this Christmas, consider donating to ASPNI, the organization's representative in the US, or if you are planning to be in Israel any time soon, you can also volunteer or just drop by for a visit.


"Nahalat Yitzhak's children want to breathe clean air!"

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