Christian Stewardship of God's Creation

Some Christians might find it alarming if their clergy addressed Climate Change or discussed the need to protect endangered species, given how politicized these subjects have become in the US. On the other hand, some topics familiar to TreeHuggers, like recycling (donating clothing to charity), eating more locally produced food (helping the needy grow their own veggies), or getting by with less "stuff" (making Christmas less commercial) would be less likely to raise the hackles of partisanship. This simple dichotomy leads to an obvious question: how might the more controversial topics be acceptably dealt with in a religious setting? Where does a Christian go to learn more about integration of environmental concerns into faith? Climate Change is turning into a major social issue and it's not like Christians in particular can wish it away. One place to seek an answer might be AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies. AuSable offers educational materials, forums, publications, and a financial aid program for serious scholars of the the Christian Earth Keeper type."The mission of Au Sable Institute is the integration of knowledge of the Creation with biblical principles for the purpose of bringing the Christian community and the general public to a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God's Creation".

Perhaps our readers have some additional ideas about this?