Check it Out: Bill Nye Tonight! Your Breakfast's Environmental Impact Revealed

bill nye stuff happens photo

Can’t wait until September 2nd to get your Bill Nye fix? Well, that’s good because you can check it out tonight during a sneak peek of Stuff Happens on Planet Green.

An episode of Stuff Happens on Planet Green will air tonight, August 26th at 9 PM Eastern Time. While Bill will still be exploring the bathroom on September 2nd, tonight he will be delving into the origin and environmental impact of your breakfast.

All That Bacon Has a Weighty Eco-Footprint
What's the environmental impact of the 2 million pounds of bacon consumed in the U.S every year? What’s the eco-footprint of your daily dose of cured pork and is there a way to reduce it? What exactly is Fair Trade coffee, how many miles did it have to travel to get into your cup, and what is the best country to buy it from? And what's wrong with orange juice from frozen concentrate anyway? Tune in tonight, August 26th at 9 PM Eastern Time on Planet Green for the answers.

Can’t Make the Premiere? Can’t Get Enough Nye?
We know how much you all love Bill Nye, and this time change is a bit short notice, but fear not: Check out the Stuff Happens program schedule for the complete lowdown on when Stuff Happens is on and what TreeHugger favorite Bill Nye will be exploring next.

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