Chavez Uses Twitter to Announce Sinking of Natural Gas Platform

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Hugo Chavez's Twitter account can be found @chavezcandanga
RT @chavezcandanga Mi dios, it sunk!
Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela and a recent convert to Twitter, has used the 140-character medium to announce the sinking of a natural gas platform off the coast of Venezuela. Above are his two tweets about it (you can see a rough translation below). Will we have another diaster like the BP oil spill on our hands? Thankfully, so far it doesn't seem like that's the case... Read on for details.
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Automated Google translation of Chavez's tweets.

Above is the automated Google translation of the tweets. A better translation of the first one would be: "To my sorrow, I inform you that the Aban Pearl gas platform sank moments ago. The good news is that 95 workers are safe."

Thankfully, This is No Deepwater Horizon Disaster
So the 95 workers that were on board are safe, but its still not clear what caused the sinking and how bad this will be for the environment.

Venezuela's Energy and Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said the Dragon 6 natural gas field being drilled by the Aban Pearl had been stabilised and there was no natural gas leaks, but you never know, maybe this is just PR spin . Let's wait for confirmation... And even if there's not a direct leak, there could still be an environmental impact from what was on board the rig itself (probably lots of chemicals and fuel on board).

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