'Charity: Water' Photo Gifts That Give Back

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Photos courtesy charity: water

Ever since we took the kids to Florida, my wife has been saving photo memories in scrapbooks. Our two daughters like making the books, too, and I have to admit, looking at one of these handmade creations beats Flickr any day. But here's an idea for giving the wife and kids a day off, and helping people in need. There's a way to make photo keepsakes using charity: water and Pinhole Press. That doesn't make sense. How? When you create and buy one of these, a portion of the proceeds goes to fund water programs in developing nations. It's like getting something for giving something. Or giving something for getting something? Either way, check it out. If don't want one, consider a gift that just gives. Right now, almost a billion people on Earth don't have access clean and safe drinking water --- about one of every eight of us.

The charity: water collection was designed around the yellow Jerry can used in the nonprofit's logo, and used for hauling water. The collection includes a panoramic photo book, softcover photo book, photo pad and list pad, desk blotter calendar and personal stationery.

Prices range from $1.79 for personal stationery to $79.99 for the panoramic photo book. They're limited edition, as they say, and will be available until Dec. 31.

Below is a breakdown of donations generated from each product (which you don't see often enough in campaigns like these):

  • Panoramic photo book - $30
  • Softcover photo book - $20
  • Desk blotter calendar - $15
  • Photo pad and list pad - $5
  • Personal stationery - $1/card
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