Charity: Water Birthdays Can Change the World

Birthdays can change the world // a story from charity: water fundraisers from charity: water on Vimeo.

Yesterday was World Water Day which could sound inconsequential until this staggering stat from the United Nations and World Health Organization is considered: 25,000 people die daily from consumption and exposure to unsafe drinking water. Yes, ideally, our precious liquid resource that constitutes two-thirds of our bodies would be acknowledged for more than one measly, fleeting day. (Am I right, party people?)

That's what I thought last year when I decided to pledge my 28th birthday to a charity: water campaign. Instead of asking for gifts, I pointed loved ones, friends and strangers to my campaign page, asking for $28 donations ($28 for my 28th birthday). Pooling money to help dig wells in communities in need was way more rewarding than clothes, trinkets and treats -- that while I would have enjoyed -- wouldn't have made a dent in saving lives.

Save Lives, Not Stuff

Honoring H20 should be a daily deed for all of us who use this precious resource -- and exist thanks to it -- but the reality is it's easy to forget in our busy day-to-day. If a day like World Water Day helps remind us of its importance, let's use this prompt to take action. It you haven't pledged a birthday yet, check out the inspiring video from charity: water above. Yours truly is featured in there (*blush*).

Watching this short clip was enough to remind me: I have zero cause for complaint when others are in lack of clean water, I should value this precious life and do what I can within my realistic ability (ie, a pledged birthday) to make it purposeful, and there are a bunch of inspiring people out there giving up stuff to save lives, rallying together as force for good. Let's grow this force for good and go big with a charity: water birthday. It's quick, convenient and gratifying.

Charity: Water Birthdays Can Change the World
Pledge your birthday for safe, clean drinking water, worldwide.

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