Change for the Environment: Empty Your Jars for Trees


Here is a Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Just about everyone has small change kicking around the house, and it's such a pain to separate it all, roll it and take it to the bank. But they are trying something new in two Ontario cities for the next three days: Change for the Environment, where you bring in your change to any of dozens of stores accepting donations, and they will spend it all on the environment.


8 Wing Canadian Forces Base Trenton is in Quinte West, one of the Cities participating in the program.

They note that it doesn't take a lot of change to make a difference, describing how are a loonie (the nickname for the Canadian one dollar coin) can go:

1. About 5 loonies can buy one tree, which allows 2 people to breathe clean air for a lifetime;

2. Add 343 more trees per square kilometre and child asthma rates can drop by 29%;

3. The benefits provided by 500 trees equals taking one car off the road;

4. Over a 50-year lifetime, the U.S. Forest Service estimates that 1 tree generates a total of $162,000 (US$) worth of value for our environment and our health:

* $31,250 worth of oxygen
* $62,000 worth of air pollution control
* $37,500 worth of naturally recycled water
* $31,250 worth of soil erosion control; and

5. 300 trees counteract the amount of pollution the average person produces in a lifetime,and cleaner air results in better lung health.

It is just in Toronto and Quinte this year, but it is spring cleaning time, everybody has piles of pennies and nickels. Next year, why not do this everywhere?

Change for the Environment

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