Champion of The Natural World - Sir David Attenborough Wins Life Time Achievement Award at The Green Awards

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Last night in London the Green Awards put on a spectacular evening to celebrate the best creative sustainability communications work of the last year. There were many of the great and good from the world of design, branding and advertising present, but there was one man at the ceremony in whose presence we all felt small. The great Sir David Attenborough was at the Green Awards last night to receive a richly deserved Life Time Achievement Award for his extraordinary contribution to our understanding of the natural world. And truly we were awed...Being in the same room as a living legend such as Sir David Attenborough is quite something. He is a green hero to so many people, although he himself said in his acceptance speech that 'green' meant something different back when he started his career:

"It meant naive and inexperienced, which as well it might, as I was just that at the beginning. But now it means something else and I am now proud to call myself green and to be amongst you that call yourselves green and to receive a Green Award."

By any standards Sir David Attenborough has had an extraordinary career. The Green Awards rightly describe him as "the world's leading natural history programme maker" and "an inspiration to generations of documentary film-makers."

They go on to say, "With 2010 being recognised as the 'International Year of Biodiversity,'" (another Green Awards winner last night - best international campaign), "it was imperative to purport a strong message of biodiveristy and sustainability. Sir David Attenborough is perhaps the most ideal honouree of this award, pertinent to his creative use of broadcast media to generate interest in the natural world."

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Image via Sir David Attenborough on one of his first programmes Zoo Quest For A Dragon in 1956

Sir David commented on his Life Time Achievement Award by saying:

My career of 56 years is indeed a long time, so that bit is right about 'lifetime'. I did not start out to talk about sustainability, I was just lucky enough to find someone to send me around the world to look at animals, but now the natural world is in peril and it will not be saved unless everyone around the world believes it is peril.

Incredibly, at the age of 83, Sir David Attenborough is still working full time, championing the cause of biodiversity. His latest programme First Life was recently shown on BBC Two and next year his eagerly awaited series Frozen Planet will be aired on BBC One.

Sir David we salute you.

Sir David Attenborough Green Awards photo

Image via Green Awards. Sir David Attenborough with his Life Time Achievement Award
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