Challenge Monbiot: Online Q&A; on the Impact of Aviation

Friday's post on George Monbiot's new book generated a heated debate (no pun intended), especially around the issue of air travel and its impacts on the environment. For some environmentalists this is becoming THE issue to be dealing with, for others the impacts of aviation have been grossly overstated. Anyone questioning Monbiot's facts and figures on aviation now has the perfect opportunity to challenge the man himself. As a culmination of a week of debate on airtravel and the environment, the Guardian will be hosting a live online Q & A session with Monbiot at 12pm (GMT) on Monday. Questions can be posted online here. The series of debates on airtravel also saw an interesting defence of cheap flights from the European Low Fares Airlines Association, followed by some heated responses in the comments section. To fly or not to fly. The debate looks set to continue. [Written by: Sami Grover]