Center for Land Use Interpretation


The Center for Land Use Interpretation defies concise summary. Sometimes checking out their exhibits (online or in person) can result in that feeling you get when you finally see the image hidden in a Magic Eye graphic. Only, suddenly you have a point of view that tweaks conceptual divisions among landscape, land and culture that you previously took for granted. Pretty rad. If you're in LA, check out their gallery space on Venice Blvd. (a landscape study in itself). The most recent exhibit, Vacation: Dauphin Island features destroyed homes on the barrier island off the coast of Alabama. Take a look at the tours they offer nationwide and their residence program in Wendover, UT. CLUI also has an extensive Land Use Database, with a limited number of photographs searchable online. You should be able to find an unfamiliar image of a place familiar to you. :: The Center for Land Use Interpretation