Celebs Speak Out for Copenhagen, Brad Pitt's Gets Mixed Reviews, and More

Plenty of celebrities are already on board to support the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this month, but a whole new lineup joined the party this week with this new video from TckTckTck and the Environmental Media Association.Cedric the Entertainer, Chevy Chase, Alanis Morrissette, Dana Delany, and Jason Mraz share the screen with Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Olivia Wilde, and Kevin McHale for a 35 second call to action. View the entire video above, and find out more about the cause at Environment California.

Brad Pitt's Mixed Reviews

brad pitt make it right reviews
Photo via NOLA.com

Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation may be working on building sustainable homes for 150 New Orleans families displaced by Hurricane Katrina--but some of the designs have been under fire for their non-traditional look. Bright colors, modern architecture, and houses that can float as the tide rises are key to Pitt's neighborhood, but the homes are also certified LEED platinum, using Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines and energy efficient techniques. Lower Ninth Ward real estate broker Jennifer Pearl told the New York Times, "Brad has the very best intentions. However, had he come here with houses that looked like what had been here before, he probably could have had four times, five times as many houses up by now," while Manhattan-based architect James Dart says, "the biggest problem is that [the houses] are not grounded in the history of New Orleans architecture," calling the homes "alien, sometimes even insulting." Still, Dart did agree that Pitt has "'done more for New Orleans' than any government agency," and, bright colors aside, and the article describes a sense of community that's slowly returning to the area.

This Week's Celebrity Highs and Lows

sheryl crow green highs and lows photo
Photo via AllTheSongs X17 blamed the recession for the commercial-flight Thanksgiving travels of David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez, and Orlando Bloom, but we're glad to see them ditching the carbon footprint of private jets (at least occasionally) even if it is motivated by money instead of environmentalism. And across the pond, the UK Sunday Times called out Hollywood celebs who talk the talk without walking the walk--like Sheryl Crow, who had 13 cars follow her biodiesel bus on tour, and Al Gore, who shells out to keep his indoor pool heated. (Via New York Daily News and Ecorazzi)

Brigitte Bardot Makes Her Point

brigitte bardot anti fur photo
Photo via NiceDeb

Actress, vegetarian, and activist Brigitte Bardot made her opinion of fur-wearing woman crystal clear this week in an interview, responding, "The women who carry fur these days are idiots. Wild animals are bred in small cages where they go crazy because they cannot lead any kind of natural lives. They are imprisoned in concentrated breeding farms. Minks are gassed, foxes are electrocuted...this complete industry is cruel, barbaric, and absolutely useless." (Via Vegetarian Star)

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