Celebrity Spokesperson Needed for Trash Campaign

giant cigarette trafalgar square photo

Giant butt lands in Trafalgar Square via the Keep Britain Tidy campaign

In an effort to clean up England, an anti-litter nonprofit in the UK is seeking a celebrity ambassador. The alert states "Your Country Needs You!" So, what star might best promote Britain's facelift and be its rubbish bin cheerleader? The "Keep Britain Tidy" campaign says the prospective spokesperson will follow in the footsteps of the Queen Mother, Abba, and T-Rex's Marc "Bang a Gong" Bolan. Enticing? It's recently been successful in reducing dog dirt, posted flyers and cigarette butts, and the figures are compelling.
Though England can fit inside the state of Louisiana, at only 130,000 square kilometers, the country manages to dump 2.2 million worth of litter daily, costing 600 million British pounds to clear up. (By comparison, litter costs Louisiana $15 million annually for only 6,500,000 million people compared to 61 million Brits.) And it affects fish breeding grounds, endangers creatures contributes to flooding problems, etc.

In the UK, the biggest culprit is fast food packaging, and it's not surprisingly which U.S. export accounts for 29% of it on streets. Similar to our Keep America Beautiful campaign, steep fines don't deter folks from illegally disposing of polluting trash, gum, and abandoned vehicles. The poster campaigns even have separate versions for over-18 (While You're Down There) and under-18 (Are you a Dirty Chucker?).

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Photo via Flickr by cinto2
"Fab and Famous" British Celeb for Waste Management
So, who could do the trick? Considering the cause's witty approach, would a comic character like Sasha Baron Cohen, Russell Brand or Ricky Gervais be effective? Perhaps singer Susan Boyle, since she came in second in the "Britain's Got Talent" upset? Or maybe, David Beckham can do for litter what he did for U.S. soccer and clean up his tarnished image.

However, the stiff requirements include:
• Love Britain
• Hate litter
• Three year commitment
• Donate two days a year to volunteer
• Passionate about cleaner, greener places
• Inspire others
• Be famous - not infamous

Some of the criteria rules out Amy Winehouse who could use some positive publicity. It's certainly a case for green packaging and less consumption to avoid trash in and out of landfill, considering the foul consequences of the blight. And it's a case for recycle and reuse, but "tidy" sounds nicer.

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